In works across sculpture, drawing, and sound, I explore how the material properties and aesthetic attributes of specific environments work to create, sustain, and uphold the mission and values of the spaces and communities that reside within them. In particular, I am concerned with the materials and aesthetics commonplace in the rural-familial spaces of my upbringing. Within my work, I investigate the role played by these materials and aesthetics in creating environments which are at times supportive, yet simultaneously alienating and prohibitive to myself and other individuals who occupy and pass through them.

My work is based in a redeployment of these materials and aesthetics into speculative structures and forms. This process and these works pry at a guiding question: if, in their initial use, these materials and aesthetics were responsible for composing and sustaining at times hostile environments, what can their reconfiguration, reapplication, and redeployment bring?

Alec Snow
b. 1997 Southwick, MA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
BFA - Fine Arts, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
Select Exhibitions
GMT. White Columns. New York, NY.
Abjection as Abstraction. Serving The People. New York, NY.
Postcards From the Edge. Visual AIDS. New York, NY
Celestial Opera, Human Cathedral. Paradice Palase. Brooklyn, NY
Group Show. Gallery MC. New York, NY
Sub-Being. 490 Atlantic Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
you feel me???. NYU Gallatin Gallery. New York, NY
Will Barnet Student Show. National Arts Club. New York, NY
There are Dog-Years and The Infinitely Small. 25 East Gallery, Parsons School of Design. New York, NY
Art, Media, & Technology. Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, New York, NY
BFA Thesis Exhibition. Parsons School of Design. New York, NY
Fire In The Wet Lab.  25 East Gallery, Parsons School of Design. New York, NY
Dissociations: Land, Water, Flesh. Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. New York, NY.
Text Me When You’re Home - Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. New York, NY
Postcards from the Edge. Visual AIDS. New York, NY.
Residencies, Awards
Artist in Residence, Cuyama Buckhorn. Cuyama, CA
Curatorial Projects
Until Then. Osseous Matter. Brooklyn, NY
Remote Studio Visits - The Coastal Post Ed. by Nick Naber. New York, NY.
Until Then: Fundraising Edition. Editor for Osseous Matter. Brookyn, NY.
Celestial Opera, Human Cathedral - Catalogue - Paradice Palase. Brooklyn, NY.
W.I.P. Work in Progress. Osseous Matter. Brooklyn, NY.
Art 52nd Street Catalogue. Gallery MC. New York, NY.